Building a RetroPie

Early in the summer, my son and I started experimenting with a Raspberry Pi. Among other projects, I coded up JoeBotBot as my alter ego Twitter bot and, every day, automagically spout out morning motivations and grant a “Certificate of Awesomeness”. Ariana Grande won on Wednesday. Congratulations, Ariana. Please add this award to your LinkedIn […]

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Introducing JoeBotBot

Lately, I have been tinkering with Raspberry Pis with my 12-year old son as a way to get him more into coding and building tech. Raspberry Pis are neat little computers produced by the Raspberry Pi Foundation, a UK-based non-profit that wants to inspire more kids and hobbyists to tinker with computers. It is all […]

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Email Service Providers are the New Banks

Willie Sutton was a famous bank robber from the first half of the twentieth century. One time a reporter asked him, “why do you rob banks?” His now famous response was, “because that’s where the money is.” The new money these days is personally identifiable information — email addresses and related bits — and Email Service Providers like Bronto are the new banks.

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