Introducing JoeBotBot

Lately, I have been tinkering with Raspberry Pis with my 12-year old son as a way to get him more into coding and building tech. Raspberry Pis are neat little computers produced by the Raspberry Pi Foundation, a UK-based non-profit that wants to inspire more kids and hobbyists to tinker with computers. It is all very cool and worth looking into.

Last week, I developed a Twitter bot, with one of the Pis and named it JoeBotBot — one might say it is an alter-ego robotic version of myself … but I digress.

Periodically, JoeBotBot tweets out messages, thanks to the power of Python, MySQL, and Crontab. JoeBotBot has since expanded to include an EC2 AWS instance.

Too much jargon? Check out JoeBotBot to see where it goes. And, of course, big thanks to my daughter Xiomara for the artwork.