Pricing, Winter Release and Award …

This week has been dominated with pricing and packaging. We are offering some exciting new pricing and edition offerings to our customers in February and I (along with others) have been hard at work nailing down the final details. It should be well worth it. More details to follow in the next few weeks.
The product team has been hard at work this week as well. We have the Winter 2008 Release of our product coming out this weekend. There are a number of compelling features like typed fields in there which will make many of our customers very happy. The roadmap going forward is even more exciting. As of  now, the Spring 2008 Release is going to add some compelling features related to email automation and transactional messages and the Summer Release is going to add some key integrations with Omniture for web analytics and ReturnPath for email inbox rendering. All very exciting.

Finally, the interesting item of the week was that I won an award for entrepreneurship. I was named a recipient of Business Leader’s 2008 Triangle Impact Enterpreneur award. Thanks to Bronto’s marketing and Crossroads PR for submitting the entry many months ago. As an added plus, I was number four on the list of recipients. My wife explained that it was because the list was sorted alphabetically. I beg to differ and I’ll take my victories where I can.