Recruiting for Product Development

Bronto is making a big push to recruit a number of talented developer and product people to join the product development team. Here is a rundown of the kind of folks we are seeking:

  • UI Engineer. This person would improve the user interface and user experience throughout our web application. The ideal candidate is a web developer with strong proven experience designing web applications … just designing simple brochure web sites isn’t going to cut it. The candidate should be strong at incorporating AJAX elements, very fluent in CSS, PHP/MySQL development experience, and have working examples of their work to show. Read the job description.
  • Product Education Associate. This person would primarily work with our product manager to focus on the online documentation and develop Flash demos to educate our users on different features of the application and on email marketing best practices. The ideal candidate would have a strong eLearning, Flash development, and web design background. This position is not posted yet.
  • Support Engineer. This person would also sit in the product development team and serve in many different capacities: (1) Provide higher support to customers and our client services team with integrations (API, conversion tracking, web analytics, …) and deliverability (dedicated ip, diagnosing issues, …); (2) Assist our inside sales team with pre-sales questions related to the application; (3)Write for and manage a developer-focused minisite that addresses the API and other integration related questions and topics. The ideal candidate would have a web development and web services background as well as be a strong communicator that enjoys helping others with software-focused technical questions. Read the job description.
  • Software Developers. We have two development teams here at Bronto. These folks would join one of our two development teams to further scale and develop new features for our application. Candidate should be computer science graduates who have recently graduated or have a few years of experience. We have a greater need for candidates with front-end versus back-end web application development experience — although strong candidates on either side should apply. Developers who are very smart and passionate about developing for the web should definitely apply. Read the job description.
  • Architect. This person would be very well versed in architecting large scale LAMP stack web applications and guide the engineering direction of our product. This position is not posted yet.

You can review the career page of our website for more information about the company and our benefits. We develop in a Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP (LAMP) based environment so candidates with that type of background are preferred.

Please forward this post along to anyone who might be interested.