Ximena Hearts Etsy!

Ximena now has a store on Etsy. Here’s how it came about… Ximena is my 7-year old daughter and was born at about the same time that Bronto was founded. In fact, in many ways, her life parallels Bronto’s history. When my wife Karalyn and I became pregnant with her,  I significantly stepped out my efforts to get the company off the ground and registered the domain name brontomail.com. Right before she was born, we moved the company out of my house and into an office. Wise move because as any parent will tell you, newborns and startups don’t mix well! Now their paths cross again.

Ximena is a little entrepreneur — whether it be lemonade, cookies, candles, … If she can make it, she’ll sell from of a table in the front yard. Ever since being read Misty of Chincoteague when she was 5, she has been very motivated to earn enough money to buy a horse. I don’t see a horse purchase any time soon but her motivation is still exciting to watch and encourage. This is where Etsy comes in.

She wanted to extend her reach for her homemade piggy banks beyond the front yard. I told her about Etsy — a great place to buy and sell handcrafts as well as a Bronto client! She was game.

So tonight we set up her own Etsy store. She took pictures of her crafts and wrote the descriptions. I ponied up (like the pun … couldn’t resist) the 20-cent listing fee. Now the store is open and ready for business.

You can find it at ximenacolopy.etsy.com. Check it out and maybe even buy something. The prices are right and she would be thrilled.