Nuances of email marketing for online retailers

Two weeks ago I gave an interview about the nuances of email marketing for Internet Retailer. Now the results in the last issue of the publication. Email marketing can yield incredible results for retailers but there are some nuances with it that determine whether the results pay off: relevancy, deliverability, …
You can read the article on Internet Retailer along with similar insights from Responsys, YesMail and Arial. You can also skim a few of my quotes here:

“The noise in e-mail marketing is only going to grow and as it does, retailers need to pay more attention to fundamental best practices if they want their e-mail marketing messages to effectively drive sales,” says Joe Colopy, CEO of e-mail marketer Bronto Software Inc. “Focusing on the fundamental best practices can greatly improve the execution of an e-mail campaign.”

“The idea is to create a sense that the customer is getting an inside deal or access to information no one else is getting,” says Colopy of Bronto Software, which provides such features as advanced reporting, web analytics integration, and dynamic content that enable retailers to deliver relevant, timely e-mail messages. “Subject lines need to convey a sense of compelling value.”

“Every e-mail client interprets the format of the message differently, so what looks good in Microsoft Outlook may be unreadable in Google Gmail,” says Bronto Software’s Colopy. “Messages have to be tested in different e-mail clients to ensure the integrity, readability and appearance of the message.”

Maintaining consistency with timing, frequency and relevancy with content can prevent customers from opting out of mailing lists.

“Best practices around these areas create consistency in the quality of the retailer’s brand and keep the customer interested in the retailer’s communications,” Colopy says.

“The secret to e-mail marketing is strong marketing practices, but retailers will need to be conscious of the nuances of e-mail in the mobile environment,” says Bronto Software’s Colopy. “Traditional direct marketing techniques are not going to translate well in this new environment.”

There is nothing too revolutionary in there but the best advice never is.