NetNewsWire and Feedburner

I have been using RSS feeds for a couple years now and really find them handy for skimming through lots of news articles very quickly. Until now, I always added them as “Live Bookmarks” in Firefox. It worked well and was a convenient way to juggle about 10 different feeds.
Today my feed world changed in two ways:

* I installed NetNewsWire. It is a program for the Mac designed for reading and aggregating a whole mess of feeds. I tried the free Lite version but it was too limiting. Most likely, I’ll fork over $30 after my 30-day trial for the full version. These type of feed readers remind of the newsgroup readers of yearyear. I never got into those so we’ll see if this one sticks.

* I added FeedBurner to this blog. I host this blog through Typepad and there was a fairly seamless tie-in. From what I understand, FeedBurner layers on top of any feed and provides an easy way to do basic tracking on visitors among other things. FeedBurner seems to be in vogue these days so at the very least I’ll be on the cool side of the blogsphere.

If you have any thoughts on the merits of either product, let me know. I’d love to know.