Bronto Pancake Extravaganza

As a surprise, we had a “pancake extravaganza” this morning to celebrate the new Spring 2008 product release. Chaz, Carolyn, and I did our finest to serve up delicious pancakes off of a couple electric skillets.
Everything went and think everyone enjoyed them. How couldn’t you? Everyone loves pancakes.

To make the event extra unique, I ordered some Brontosaurus cookie cutters last week hoping that they would let me do Bronto Pancakes. Unfortunately, the plan didn’t really work. Here were the main problems:

  • The cookie cutters are too small for pancakes. This means a lot of work for little pancake.
  • The cookie cutters are copper. So, they conduct heat very well and become really hot.
  • The cookie cutters are light so the pancake mix spills under the sides if you’re not careful.
  • The pancake batter sticks to the cookie cutters — even after spraying them with PAM — so often you end up destroying the pancake as you try to get it out.

All in all — the Pancake Extravaganza was a great event but the Bronto Pancake idea didn’t quite come together. If you are experienced with shaping interesting pancakes, let me know. I would like to know your secrets.


Hallelujah! Bronto Pancake Cutters/Molds do exist and I have already ordered some from Amazon. See them here. Thank you Jennifer Fleming for letting me know.

UPDATE 2 (5/19/2008):

I tried these new fangled Bronto Pancake Cutters yesterday. I made two Brontosaurus pancakes. They were better than the ones from the cookie cutters but still fairly difficult to make — and, I used plenty of PAM. Perhaps some things in life are just not meant to be…